Tips Blackberry : Connect Blackberry To Computer/Laptop

Tips Blackberry : Tutorial cara menyambung Blackberry ke Computer / Laptop
Just co-pas from the official support site with some edit, herewith tutorial how to connect Blackberry to PC of Laptop. You can download BlackberryModem Driver & Desktop Manager from under picture links. For further tutorial please visit official support site :
  1. Connect your Blackberry to the computer or laptop using a USB port.
  2. If your  Blackberry not detected, restart the Blackberry Desktop Manager.
  3. In the Blackberry Desktop Manager views, click the Options menu and then click Connection Settings. The personal PIN for your Blackberry  should appear in the connection field.
  4. Click Detect. If the Blackberry is connected properly, you will receive a message indicating that a USB device was found.
Download links below :

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